A Bounty of Coverage

Yesterday morning I did another guest stint on Channel 9 News. They have out web site link up in the Info to Go and maybe add the whole clip of the segment to their Living Green page. The piece was on our current cover story of turflawn alternatives. I had six flats of examples of groundcovers that were generously provided by The Perennial Farm, a local wholesale grower that provides plants to area garden centers. Here is a photo of them laying in my yard prepped and ready to go on-air. Most of the donations come from the Treadwell collection meaning they can take light foot traffic and work well as edging, among stepping stones, and in areas of your yard where you are not playing croquet on a regular basis.

Now that the segment is done they will be added to my own garden to fill in any holes and to test out how these groundcovers take. I'll also be using some of the selections for our August reader contest and donating any leftovers to a local park and to a church landscape project. The plants that go to these latter two sites I can personally check on myself and see what works as I walk by them several times a week. It is a great pleasure to pass by a green plot that you've helped go from neglect and weeds to a real contribution to the local community's quality of life.


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