"Jentz says..."

Our latest articles in the Washington Examiner is now out. It is on being an "environmentally friendly" gardener, which to me is a no-brainer as I think most gardeners are scrupulous in their practices. I don't ANY who would intentionally do any harm to Mother Earth and are pretty mortified to find out about some of the sins committed by professional "gardeners" in the name of lush, weed-free golf courses and bug-free public parks. Read the article online here (June 15 edition - page 55), or grab the print version at the red street boxes around town today - the article is on R7 (Real Estate section - page 7). BTW, if you ever want to see one of these Examiner pieces I do and can't locate it in their archives, I save a PDF of each one and can email it to directly to you. Someday when I get a spare minute (ha!) I'll post these PDFs on a new articles page I'm adding to our web site.

We talked about similar subjects for our recent radio interview on "green garden practices." Listen to our segment on today's edition of the Metro Connection show on WAMU 88.5 FM online linked here. I think it is about a 10 minute segment. Scroll down to "Chipmunks, Planting Trees and Recycling in the Garden." (In a few days this link may change and you'll probably need to search their archives section for it.) The chipmunks subject is not one I deal with, but I do hear from readers that they are annoying like jerks.

I was also interviewed this past week for an article (pictured above) about the Takoma Horticultural Club of which I'm currently President. It appears on page 18 - continued to page 27- in the June 13 edition of the Northwest Current. I assume we are in the other editions of the Current as well, maybe on different pages. The article is now posted online here: (scroll to page 18) and here (scroll to page 27). I'm referred to as "Jentz" and "Jentz says..." throughout the piece. Personally, I avoid the last name reference convention in my articles. To me it sounds so old-school journalism and is just off to my ear when I read it in other's work. Maybe it is a Gen X thing, but I don't see the practice continuing much longer in this century.


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