Radio Without Thorns

Last week I pre-taped a segment for WAMU's Metro Connection show. My first "non-live" radio appearance. It was fun pretending it was Friday, when it was Monday. The way my schedule has been lately, I have to keep reminding myself several times a day what date and day of the week it is. Saturday felt like Thursday. Today feels like Saturday. The only thing that keeps me straight is my TV-addiction and the fairly consistent network scheduling. (If it's Desperate Housewives, it must be Sunday.)

The radio segment was on roses which is our magazine issue's current cover story. Here is a link to the radio segment's audio clip. (The link may change when it get stored in the radio station's web archives, I'll try to come back and add an update to this when it does.) Reaction to it has been tremendous. I have to confess I'm not much of a talk radio listener, but apparently I'm in the minority because everyone I ran into this weekend said, "I heard you on the radio today!" It probably is a good thing that I so naively did not realize the big reach of this radio station's popular program or else the nerves would've kicked in.

Running from one garden event after another for the last 3-4 weeks, I finally get a breather for the next few days. I'm playing catch up on my long-neglected chores including a long list of "blog about this" ideas. So expect to hear from me much more this coming week and hope to be back on my daily blogging schedule groove.


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