Busy Bee

This weekend (April 21-22), we are at the Leesburg Flower & Garden Fest in Booth #125. This is one of my favorite events and I really enjoy the people who run it as well as getting in a bit of my own start-of-the-growing-season shopping in. I find the quality of vendors at Leesburg to be among the best. The folks behind it do a great job in screening out the "junk" and getting in the best for their attendees.

Next weekend (April 27-28), we are trying out the FONA Garden Mart for the first time. I anticipate it going very well for us as it is our perfect target audience. We are mentioned as a featured vendor in their new Spring 2007 issue of the FONA newsletter (see page 6) -- which was mailed out this week and linked here.

It looks like every weekend from here on out I'm double-booked at area garden events and more are being added every day - so keep checking the front page of our web site for additional calendar items.


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