Zapped by the Current

I had written a nice, long posting about the recent article in the Northwest Current's February 14 edition (see pages 16 and 18) on our recent Seed Exchange. However, just as the post was uploading toBlogger late last night - there was an audible 'boom' somewhere in the distance and the cable and power both went out. Came back on a minute later and repeated it twice more! After that I just went to bed in annoyance. (Ironic isn't it that I live in a former PEPCO transformer substation. The art at left is from their web site. Note that it was a steady rain last night, but hardly an actual storm.) Anyway, I wrote on how the reporter used most of the article space to discuss the change in venue from the USNA and how trivial a part of the day I thought that actually was. For the record, I hold no ill-well towards the USNA nor its staff and am actually a new FONA member to boot. Well-written piece and gave us nice coverage, just think it was a bit overzealous in trying to stir up controversy or dirt where there was hardly any.


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