I Now Don the Art Exhibit Curator + Gazette Article Link

Today's Gazette has a great article on our Seed Exchange. In the Silver Spring edition it is on page A8. Freelancer Rachel Mauro came to the event and did a nice write up on it. No photos, but we can remedy that next year. No link online -- maybe it takes a day or so for the content to go up, but I've searched every which way and the piece is not there yet. If I ever find it, I'll update this with a link asap. Basically, Rachel did a nice summary of the day's events including a good plug for the photo contest and upcoming art show. UPDATE: The Gazette article link is now up here.

Pictured here is another of our Washington Gardener Photo Contest Winners. This one is by Patricia Deege. I thought it was appropriate considering the weather forecast for white stuff tomorrow. Our judge, Josh, said one of the best things about this photo was the cropping out of the sky - and he's right, if I took this photo, that is exactly what I would have done a big band of blank gray sky above and certainly not as high quality scene-framing, separation, and focus. And yes, low-res online veiwing just does not do it justice.

Speaking of which, as a newbie art exhibit curator I'm now challenged with figuring out what sizing and framing to designate for this show. I'm obviously thinking "keep it simple" with black wood frames and white mats so the stunning color photos can stand on their own. However, the sizing is tough as some images were square and will not crop easily to 8x10 or 11x14 -- nor would I want the winners to have to adjust their images in a way that might impact them. Though how do size them for consistency? I'll ask around and visit a few photo galleries to see what they do. Then there is the issue of pricing - for those that want to sell. What is fair market value? Do we get a sales commission cut? I'd at least like to make back the cost of the framing and opening reception party as well as event marketing. And if none sell? Well, I did not go into this photo contest with the expectation of a show in any case.


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