I've Ranted

Check out my "guest rant" report on the Garden Writers Association annual symposium over at the Garden Rant blog. They do a great job of stirring up the pot and adding some spice to the online gardening world. I make a point to visit their blog daily and try to leave a comment when I can.


Idaho Gardener said…
Kathy, sorry I didn't get to meet you at GWA. I, too, attended the Google workshop. I was sorely disappointed in the presentation/panel with the exception of Kathy LaLiberte's comments that blogs are immediate, specific, personal, informal, fresh an d humorous and chock full of personality. Also, the gal from High Country was helpful.

My take is this, if you don't read these blogs you are missing out on a big part of garden writing.....I find garden blogs fascinating and THE place to read the latest and greatest stuff. Most of what is in the magazines these days has been recyceled a zillion times.

Oh, and Bill McDonough is THE MAN!

I was aghast when you mentioned that some people were there for just the plants and party.
Idaho - I had met a few of these admitted non-garden writers at the Philly Flower Show GWA regional meeting and thought they were a fluke, but now realize they are indeed a certain small percent of GWA members who are just there for the freebies. Makes me wonder if they need some type of member-screening process -- such as submitting links or clips to your published writing. Though I would not want to shut out any aspiring garden writers to the membership.

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