Open Garden Hours

I had a brainstorm during the Faerie Fest this weekend - actually, it had crossed my mind before, but sitting in the strong winds and threat of rain really brought it to a point of action - we will now have "open garden" hours for the magazine.

Starting this week, anyone who likes can drop by to sign up for subscriptions or renew in person. Folks can also buy back issues, current issues, and gift subscriptions. Additionally, we will have various plants for sale (mostly sun perennials).

The hours will be Friday afternoons from 3:00-6:00 pm starting May 26 and running through August 18. We are located at 826 Philadelphia Ave (Rt. 410), Silver Spring, MD.

Should these hours prove popular, we will extend them through the fall or even expand the days/times of them. I'm really not anticipating many folks, just those who've called and asked when they can come by to purchase extra issues or were interested a look around my gardens.

This allows me to have a specific time to see these folks every week instead of one here and one there eating up my already overextended schedule. It also gives me a dedicated three hours each week to work in the garden, something that the garden and I desperately need at this point!


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