New Banner

I've ordered a new booth banner and hope to pick it up today for the shows this weekend. Our old banner, which I will still use perhaps as a table skirt, was simply the magazine's nameplate (what some folks erroneously call the *masthead*). The old banner was great, but I found that just "Washington Gardener" was not cutting it. I cannot count the number of times people walked by without stopping and maybe later came by again and in passing heard my spiel, then said: "Oh, this is a magazine?" That was not good for branding, to say the least. I'm not sure what people thought we were just from our nameplate logo (a landscape service? a local club?), but whatever it was it didn't interest them enough to slow down and take a look nor even to break their stride. The new banner will have the nameplate plus tag lines saying "YOUR local gardening magazine" and "subscribe today." I'm hoping this will at least save me some lung power and also some possible confusion as to what we are and do. I'll report after the next few events if there is any difference in crowd reactions.

*The masthead is that section of a mag/newsletter, "typically found on the second page (but could be on any page) that lists the name of the publisher and other pertinent data. May include staff names, contributors, subscription information, addresses, logo, etc."


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