Small World - Getting Smaller

Last night I attended the new Metropolitan Washington Garden Club, formerly the Men's Garden Club of Montgomery County, now open to females and folks from all over the DC area. Yes, we are now in the 21st Century and there still do exist men-only garden clubs in progressive, liberal parts of the country! They were welcoming and I had a good time. Mostly was a treat to finally meet Susan Tamulevich as we had been exchanging emails and phone calls last year. Had no idea she was to be the evening's speaker until that afternoon. Susan is a former DC-area resident and is the author of Dumbarton Oaks: Garden Into Art. Her current project is a traveling exhibit on the History of Flowerpots. Sounds a bit dry, I know. But once you think about it, the subject is really fascinating and she does a good job brining it to life. Here is her web site: Susan brought a friend who was publisher of the now gone Chesapeake Home & Garden magazine. Hoping to follow up on that and see some of those back issues. Also at the meeting were a few Washington Gardener magazine subscribers who I had signed up at the Washington Home & Garden Show in February. They gave me a few good story ideas - which I'm always grateful to hear.
Then this morning came an email from a subscriber who just bought a gift sub for her brother-in-law, who it turns out is on the mat next to mine at my weekly yoga class! Been doing asanas next to him for months, when I should've been talking up the magazine I suppose. Shows you how really inter-connected our lives really are and the power of personal relationships (networking) is the real bottom-line for marketing.


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