Promotions Rolling Along

The January/February is now mailing, the holidays have really screwed over my production schedule - will have to account for that next year and maybe even move up deadlines.

I'll be talking about the magazine this Sunday, 1/8, from 8-9 am on WUSA Channel 9 News in Washington DC, which will include a nice link from their web site. I'm supposed to be on air about 8:45 -- tune in when it starts though as they said I'll have a few "teasers" throughout the show. I'm trying not to think to much about this and not get too nervous. I know it will be over in a flash and just hope to make a good enough impression to be asked back again. has selected us for their case profile in their January edition. I'll put a link directly to it -- as soon as it is available -- I believe it will be close to the 20th. Basically, this site is about how to launch a magazine. It is a terrific resource and certainly has helped me a lot in these early days. I'm hoping our example helps or inspires other newbie publishers as well.
They have a "rate it" section and I'm pleased to see we have a 4.80 out of 5 possible stars! I had submitted our listing way back around our launch time, but had forgotten all about this feature. If you're a reader of our print publication, please add your rating as well. Just go to and scroll down to the yellow "search for links" box on the bottom, left and then enter "Washington" -- our listing should come right up.


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