Predecessors Update #2

Still no luck in tracking down Dig. But in my search, I did come across two other interesting publications.

One is now defunct. It is: The Woodland Garden and it is too bad I did not learn of this earlier. This neat little quarterly newsletter was printed in black & white, but makes the most of it with a lovely layout. The subject matter is very specialized -- shade gardening in the MidAtlantic states. I have two issues (spring and summer 2004) sent by their former editor, Sigrid Thomas. I believe they ran for 8 years and ended in 2004. Their cost was $18 a year to subscribe and Sigrid says they had good success with getting readers and advertisers. They published out of Potomac, MD.
Sigrid said it was a labor of love. She added: "My collection of garden books is extensive, because I started out as a landscape designer. It eventually led me and a partner to start The Woodland Garden. Being in my seventies, I've retired from both. All my energies now go into writing a memoir about three generations of my family originally living in Estonia."

The other is not yet in print. It is: Dig It. I came across them through a tip by blog reader,
Peggy Riccio, who also kindly sent three issues of Grandiflora mag.
Dig It is an ezine at the moment. They plan to go to a paper version shortly and will be a monthly publication. Mary Jasch, publisher/editor of DIG IT! Magazine, says they are out of New Jersey and focus on "East Coast Gardening." I notice they overlap with our target audience slightly - in that they go from Maine down through DE and PA and we are the entire DC commuting area which includes some sections of southern PA and DE - but I would not consider them direct competition. I'm hoping actually that we can complement each other and maybe work on some future co-promotions. You can learn more about them at:


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